<URL> and the member shall be separately referred to in this membership agreement as “parties” together.

2. Definitions

Seller: refers to the legal person who offers or sells goods or services subject to electronic commerce through the platform.

The term “electronic signature” means an electronic data message or electronic document that is used to identify, formulate, and / or authenticate electronic data messages.

Service provider: refers to real or legal persons engaged in electronic commerce activities.

Electronic commerce service provider: refers to real or legal persons who provide electronic commerce environment in order to carry out the economic and commercial activities of others.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy: to regulate the privacy policy of <url> regarding the use of personal data and cookies, including for what purposes and how it will be used by <URL> on the platform of the personal data communicated by members, and refers to the text that can be accessed through the platform.

“My Account” page: it refers to the special page of the member where the member can take the necessary actions in order to benefit from the various applications and services on the platform, enters personal data and the information requested from him on application basis and can only be accessed by the user name and password specified by the related member.

Services: refers to the practices set forth by MODANTY in order to enable the members to perform the works and transactions defined in this membership agreement.

KVKK: refers to the protection of personal data Act No. 6698.

Member: “member” means real persons who accept the membership agreement, terms of Use and privacy notices on the page of the “member”.

User/visitor: refers to people who visit the site without being members of the site.

Guest user: refers to people who shop without a member of the site using the page.


3.1. In order to obtain the membership status, the user who wishes to become a member must ratify this membership agreement on the platform and fill in the requested information with accurate and up-to-date information and the membership application should be evaluated by modanatty and approved. The user who wishes to become a member must be 18 (eighteen) years old. The membership status starts with the completion of the approval process and the member is notified to the member and thus the member has the rights and obligations set forth in this Membership Agreement and in the relevant parts of the platform. Member who does not provide accurate and up-to-date information while completing the said membership agreement, is responsible for all damages that may arise for this reason. The member has the right to terminate membership status at any time by clicking the “Cancel Membership” button which is accessible from My Account page. The termination of the membership does not mean the cancellation of the approval given for the sending of commercial electronic messages. The member is also required to withdraw his / her e-mail confirmation, in particular.

3.2. In the event that a dispute exists between the member and the member regarding the member’s rights and obligations, and if such person makes a request from <url>, the member shall be deemed to be the owner of the membership account of the last person to pay <url> for any service by using the relevant membership account.

3.3. If the member wishes to initiate any legal action or purchase process relating to the campaign and/or advertisements he / she displays on the platform, he / she accepts and declares that he / she has to fulfill all legal obligations and legal procedures, including those contained on the platform, that he / she has no knowledge and responsibility in relation to such obligations and procedures.

3.4. The member accepts and declares that modanty is the seller party and Modanty is the buyer party in the distance sales contracts to be concluded in the purchases made by Modanty via the platform and that modanty is the seller solely responsible for the said Distance sales contract within the meaning of the applicable consumer Consumer Law and other legislation.

3.5. MODANATTY will have the right to collect products purchased by the member from the seller and will be free from the obligation to pay against the seller by paying such payment to the buyer modanatty.

3.6. The member hereby declares that he / she will act in accordance with the provisions of this membership agreement, all conditions stated on the site, applicable legislation and moral rules in the transactions and correspondence performed on the site. The member’s legal and penal responsibility for the transactions and actions performed within the platform is his / her own responsibility.

3.7.In accordance with applicable legislation, <URL> will be able to share its information with such authorities at the request of the authorized authorities.

Three. Personal data collected from members during membership and/or during shopping, may be transmitted to other members who may be subject to dispute, including but not limited to disputes which may constitute a criminal offence in the sense of Turkish Criminal Code, for the purpose of using the legal rights of the parties only, and only to be limited to such scope.

3.9. The member’s name and password information required by the member in order to access My Account page and perform transactions via the platform is created by the member and the security and confidentiality of such information is entirely the responsibility of the member. The member agrees, declares and undertakes that the transactions performed by him/her with his/her username and password have been performed by him / her, that the responsibility arising from these transactions belongs to him / her in advance, that he / she cannot make any Def and / or objection that he / she does not perform such transactions and that he / she cannot perform his / her

3.10. The member shall not use the site in a manner contrary to law and morality, especially in the following cases. the use of platform to create, control, update or modify databases, records or contacts on behalf of any person;

3.10.2 the use of the platform for the purpose of disrupting, modifying or reverse engineering of the whole or part of the platform;

You agree to indemnify and hold <url>, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorney’s fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the <url> service in violation of this Agreement and / or arising from a breach of this Agreement and / or any other;

3.10.4 use of comments and scoring systems for non-platform purposes, such as publishing comments on the platform outside of the platform, or use them to manipulate systems outside of the platform.;

3.10.5 dissemination of viruses or any other malware that may damage the platform, the platform’s database, or any content on the platform.;

3.10.6 unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the platform will have communications and technical systems as determined by the technical functioning in activities that will harm or may be involved. modanatty on the platform without obtaining the prior written permission of the automated program, robot, web crawler, spider, data mining (data mining) and scan data (data crawling), such as “screen scraping” software or system any content that is contained in the platform and in this way the use of all or a portion of any unauthorised copying, republication or use.

3.11. The member is obliged to carry out his / her operations on the platform in such a way that he / she does not cause any technical damage to the platform. Member, any programs, viruses, software, unlicensed products, Trojan horses, etc.that may damage the platform of the use of the platform. it undertakes and undertakes to take all necessary measures, including the use of protective software and licensed products, so as not to include them. Member also agrees that he / she will not enter My Account page through robot or automated login methods.

3.12. The use of the platform or the content on the platform in violation of the terms of use as set forth in this membership agreement or the provisions of applicable legislation is against the law; <url> ‘ s respective demand, litigation and follow-up rights are reserved.

We at <URL> are committed to protecting your personal data and take reasonable steps to comply with legal requirements in this regard.