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How to Use Modanatty Cookies

Modanatty cookies;

Uses your preferences to remember and personalize your use of the website / mobile application / mobile site. This use:

It includes cookies that record your password and allow you to keep your website / mobile application / mobile site permanently open so that you won’t have to enter the password more than once every visit, and cookies that remember and recognize you on your next visit to the website / mobile app / mobile site.

Including identifying where and from which devices you connect to electronic trading platforms operated by Modanatty, which content you display on the website / mobile app / mobile site, and how you use the website / mobile app / mobile site, such as the duration of your visit; it uses the website / mobile app / mobile site to determine how you use it.

It uses targeted advertising / promotional purposes to deliver content and ads that are more relevant to you and to your interests. Modanatty matches information obtained by cookies with other personal data; it offers you more appropriate content, personalized campaigns and products, and doesn’t offer you any content or opportunities you’ve previously requested.

How does Modanatty use third-party cookies for ad and retargeting?

Modanatty cookies also include; You may use the search engines to activate platform advertising technology, to provide you with ads that you may be interested in when you visit the web site of the electronic trading platforms operated by Modanatty, the mobile app or the website and / or the advertised websites of Modanatty. Ad technology uses information about your previous visits to the website / mobile app / mobile site and to Modanatty’s advertised websites / mobile / mobile site apps to serve you specific ads. When presenting these ads, a unique third-party cookie can be placed in your browser so that Modanatty can recognize you.

In addition, your personal e-mail address is shared with these platforms in order to present ads that may be of interest to you on social media platforms and to create a special audience. Your e-mail address is transmitted through the secure channels and environments offered by these platforms. Social media platforms use your email address only for matching. Your email address is not shared with third parties or other advertisers, and is deleted from the systems of social media platforms as soon as possible after the pairing process is completed.

Cookie Management

You can use the following steps to determine, allow or deny cookies for your Internet browser:

Google Chrome: You can allow or block cookies from the “Cookie alan tab by clicking the“ lock sign layarak or ”i“ in the izin address section ebilir of your browser.

Internet Explorer: Click the “Security ünden tab in the ver Tool“ or lay Tools ”section in the upper-right corner of your browser and perform your cookie management in the form of” allow “or ş don’t allow İnternet.

Mozilla Firefox: Click on the yer open menu ın tab in the top right corner of your browser. Click on the ız Options iniz image to perform your cookie management using the ”Privacy and Security tık button.

For other browsers (such as opera, microsoft edge), you can view the help or support pages of the browser.

Safari: You can select the ”safari sağ tab in the yönetim Settings tüm section of your phone and provide all your cookie management from the” Privacy and Security ünden section.

If you decline persistent cookies or session cookies, you may continue to use the website, mobile app, and mobile site, but you may not be able to access all the functionality of the website, mobile app, or mobile site, or you may have limited access. In mobile application, the situation may vary.